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      nice re-design, Heather … not the easiest thing to accomplish in Blogger, i've found (i'm constantly frustrated by not [yet] being able to get the look i really want. plan to keep trying, though) … did you do the reformatting yourself? most impressive is that with all the elements nothing looks cluttered or busy–just chic and lively!and congrats on the new sponsors :)

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      something nasty about me at school and I knocked their lights out – that kind of put the rest off I guess? Probably not the best way to deal with this kind of thing, but it worked for me. What I like about you Sheena is your big heart. And I am quite frankly appaled that your “friends” didn’t stand up for you! That kind of shit would not have flown where I come from.

    1. Elizabeth - Little White Feathers Post author

      Oh I expect they were soon out on an adventure. It turned rather choppy the next day so I should think they bobbing about all day! x

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